Life is like a train ride, they’ll say.
A journey with a start and with a finish.
they are always speaking of traveling
but do they ever talk about stopping?
They engage in moving forward
but do they ever consider not getting back aboard?
Sometimes getting back on the train is harder.
Often times, we are not able to take with us
what we picked up at our latest stop.
or in other cases must drop off what we
thought would never be lost.
I have had my share of soul-stops
and I know you’ve had yours, too.
But is this a part of the journey
that will one day soon be through?
Losses and gains, pick ups and drop offs,
teach us the pain of traveling
through our own journey’s soul-stops.
The truth of this travel is filled with love
and doused with freedom and pain.
It pours over us warm sunlight and
showers us in a cleansing rain.
So leave with me wisdom, and loss if you must,
but don’t go and leave me without cleaning
my wheels of life’s rust.